26.5.2011 - The Day of Esmeralda

This day at Utö8 has 8 hours ES, Esmeralda, mostly Italy, with occasional breaks to France, Alps and Balkan.
Lower band was open to Bari in the afternoon and in the evening band was open up to 108.

Highlights were:
- San Marino 102.7, a new country for me, tnx JMN for pointing this!
- Radio Esmeralda
- North African break, with several frequencies open, at the moment all are unids.
- A short Spanish break at the end.
- A lot of Italian booming with the fullspeed.

... at the same time elsewhere. While enjoying in the Utö my best ever Italy catering, there was few equipments left for monitoring in the central Finland. Previous days left very little for few clicks norther (300km +). 24th & 25th few bursts here and there, but 26th was much better. While in Utö conditions changed to the South, Bari. Kuuhankavesi region enjoyed Northern part of Italy.

89.7 I:PaneBurroMarmellata 14.32
89.7 I:GRP2 Melody 15.18
96.9 I:Latte Miele Emiliana Romagna 14.30
103.1 I:Radio Dimensione Musica 15.40
103.1 I;R Monte Kanate 14.57
103.8 I:R Piu 15.26
103.8 I:R Cortina 14.50

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